TV Spotlights

Beginning in 2002, Beechnut Animal Hospital has appeared in a series of telecasts on current topics in veterinary medicine on several TV networks.

Fox 26 Newscasts

In 2002, as new developments occured within veterinary medicine, Fox TV News teamed up with Beechnut Animal Clinic to do a series of interviews on a program called "In the Works". Interviews included such topics as Pet Poisons within the Household & Risks of Feeding Outdated Pet food. That year, an outbreak of West Nile virus in the United States prompted another interview. This time Dr. Wiltshire (located at our affiliate hospital - Mt. Houston Animal Clinic) handled the interview in the Fox 26 News studio. In September, Fox 26 invited Beechnut Animal Clinic to be on a program called PetPourri. Here Dr. Matt discussed foods found in the kitchen that may be dangerous to pets.

WB39 Newscasts

In 2003 Monkey Pox broke out in the United States. WB13 for the first time interviewed Dr. Matt at Beechnut Animal Clinic. On June 10, 2003, WB39 conducted another interview, this time with Dr. Walter on the topic of Giardia.

ABC Newscasts

In 2005, Beechnut Animal Clinic did its first interview with ABC. Current legislative changes and the impact on veterinary medicine were discussed with Dr. Humphrey. Dr. Matt was also interviewed on this topic.